B’s Swim School has operated successfully since 2005.

Using our learnings and extensive experience in running a successful programme since 2005, we will provide you with all the teaching skills and management strategies required to succeed in building and maintaining your own Swim School business.

Teaching systems and skills

The B Swim Safe system was developed by researching techniques from Australia to the USA along with in-house development, based on many hours spent in the water teaching swimming. We continue to research and refine the most effective swimming techniques available.

The 6-week intensive training programme for instructors involves teaching a variety of ages from infants as young as 6 months, to children as old as 7 years. The program specialises in getting them swimming and water-safe in a matter of weeks.

It will allow you the opportunity to provide the children of your community with the necessary water mastery and survival skills in a guaranteed amount of time.

We will teach you how to start, build and manage a swim school from A-Z.

This incredible system allows you to consistently feed your swim school with the most competent swimmers possible, and thus consistently grow your client base. Our method requires a specific skill set that your competitors will not be able to implement without formal training.

You will also be trained in our full Stroke Development System. Children move onto stroke lessons on completion of their private Swim Safe training. The confidence and stroke mastery of our young swimmers is sufficiently ahead of the curve due to our system-based teaching approach


Most aspiring business owners underestimate the skills and time it takes to teach, manage and thrive in a Swim School business.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools and skills you will need to succeed and remove the financial stresses of a startup business.

The Swim Safe program will allow you to differentiate yourself from your opposition both in and out the water.

From Marketing to Bookkeeping – we will teach you all the skills needed to create and run a successful Swim School.

Here are some of the critical points we will assist with to make your Swim School a success:

  • Marketing and social media strategies and implementation
  • Marketing collateral (design and content)
  • Hiring staff members and all related HR requirements
  • Registration and client information management (utilizing Apps)
  • Booking and scheduling systems
  • Invoicing, collection and cash flow
  • Grading, certification and advancement of swimmers
  • All swimming related systems and technical skills to enable swimmers to thrive and improve in the water

Our Kenyan training took place over 4 weeks, with lessons being held Monday through to Saturday. After 145 hours of in water training spent teaching over 30 children ages ranging from 6 months-5 year of age – Swim Safe Kenya was born.