The safety aspect of the programme teaches children the skills to rotate, float on their backs to rest and breathe.

This is taught to all children from 6 months to 8 years of age. All children undergo a full clothes assessment before graduating.

This amazing ability enables children to survive dangerous water situations or where an adult may not be close enough to prevent a life-threatening incident.


From 12 months to toddlers, we teach children to swim, rotate on their backs to float to get air. This is called the – ” kick-float-kick ” method.

The beauty of teaching children to swim with their faces in the water is that it allows us to create the best possible foundation for swimming – correct head positioning in the water and solid kicking.

This foundation gives our students an unassailable advantage in the pool once we begin strokes over the doggy paddle and head-up style of swimming.

Ultimately our students begin enjoying the water once they have a certain amount of control and can move efficiently in the water from A to B.

Once the kicking foundation is properly established it allows our instructors to introduce strokes, making our students the most efficient and capable freestyle and backstroke swimmers possible.


Our philosophy is to first teach children the skills they need and then focus on enjoyment and fun.

AGE – 6-12 months

This is a 16-lesson or FOUR-week programme with lessons running from Monday through to Thursday. Lessons are one-on-one and 10 minutes in duration.

During this process infants are taught breath control, the ability to roll back from various positions and float on their backs independently. The final assessments are conducted in full clothes. Once the little ones are walking comfortably, they return to the intensive kicking programme so that they can learn the swimming portion of “ kick-float-kick .”

Once children achieve a certain amount of self-determination in the water their confidence begins to soar.

AGE – 1 – 4 YEARS

This is a 24-lesson or SIX-week programme with lessons running from Monday through to Thursday.  Lessons are one-on-one and 10 minutes in duration.

During this process children learn breath control, face in the water kicking, with the correct head position and rolling on their back to breathe and rest.  The foundation of the programme is safety and learning the ability to swim with the correct body position.


This is a 12-lesson or THREE-week programme with lessons running from Monday through to Thursday. Lessons are one-on-one and TWENTY minutes in duration. Children of four years and older have greater stamina and therefor the lessons are longer.

In these lessons students’ are first taught the swim and safety float. Depending on their ability, they can begin mastering more complex skills such as arm movements on the back, building up to backstroke, dolphin-kicking and the beginning stages of freestyle.


On completion of the intensive programmes all students move on to group classes, either having one or two lessons a week depending on their ability and schedule. Group classes target between 3 or 4 students per group where their skills are maintained, new skills introduced and interaction with other students often encourage the shy and quiet ones .